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Red Zone Adventures is proud to support many local organizations - scout troops, schools, PTA's, recreation leagues, community organizations, religious groups and more - through fundraisers and donations. Hosting a fundraiser at Red Zone Adventures is a great way to raise your group's spirts while raising funds to support your mission. We can develop other fundraising approaches to fit your organizations needs and resources. Give us a call or send an email to and let us design the perfect fundraiser for your group!

50-50-50 Fundraiser

For larger events (50 or more guests), our 50-50-50 fundraiser is ideal. This program minimizes any downside risk to your group because there is no cost to the organization if at least 50 participating guests attend. Rather, we charge a reduced admission for a period of unlimited play (typically three hours), which is generally matched by a donation to your group or cause. A typical admission fee is $10, matched by a suggested donation of $10, leaving your guests to enjoy hours of play at Red Zone Adventures for only $20, half of which is a donation that goes directly to your organization.

50-50-50 fundraisers are held during off-peak times (generally, Sunday evenings and weekday afternoon and evenings), and during the event, our facility is exclusively dedicated to the fundraiser. We recommend keeping these fundraisers open to the public to maximize potential attendance.

We do expect at least 50 participants for a successful fundraiser. We therefore expect to receive admissions equal to the sale of at least 50 tickets. If fewer than 50 guests participate, we will assess an additional fee equal to the difference between the amount paid in admissions and the amount that would have been paid if if 50 guests participated, capped at the amount actually raised at the fundraiser. For example, if 40 guests attend a $10 admission + $10 donation fundraiser, Red Zone will receive $400 in admissions, plus $100 for an additional fee so that the total equals $500 (or 50 $10 admissions).

While not typical, we do reserve the right to charge a non-refundable deposit to reserve a fundraiser which is credited toward our share of the fundraiser ticket sales.

Reduced Facility Rental Rates

For non-profit organizations conducting fundraising, we offer full facility rentals at reduced rates. This approach is ideal for even larger fundraisers, especially if hosted by groups that are good at bringing supporters in to play. With a facility rental, your group sets the admission/donation amount and terms, leaving you free to offer family rates, VIP discounts, etc.


Red Zone Adventures is always interested in supporting local organizations and causes who need items for auctions, raffles, door prizes, etc. From gift cards to free games to dscounted party certificates, we have donated hundreds of items to help the communities we serve raise funds. If you think we can help your organization, please send an email to and let us know what we can do for you.



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